Where would your company be without a brand? The answer is nowhere because no one will recognize you. TWS can assist with building your brand, revamping your brand, and developing a brand design that will make your brand more visible.

Developing Your Brand

The question now is, what exactly is a brand and why is it so important? A brand is a way for your company to distinguish your products or services from other competitors. When your brand is visible, the public will hear your brand name and will think of your company, they will go to what they think they know about your company, which is why it is important to have a positive brand image. The goal of developing a recognizable brand is to fuel enough of a relationship with your consumers for them to choose you over your competitors. Whether your company is looking to develop your brand, or revamp your brand, TWS has a great team of designers to assist in the advancement of your image

The Branding Design Process

TWS has an efficient brand design plan in place to get your company noticed by your targeted consumers

  • Identifying your target audience
  • Obtaining information about your target audience
  • Extracting market trends from your specific audience
  • Creating a competitive brandscape
  • Identifying common threads
  • Adapting a concept
  • Creating a mood board
  • Creating positioning
  • Checking alignment with your company objectives
  • Establishing the tone of voice for your brand
  • Giving your brand a name
  • Establishing a visual style
  • Creating a slogan

Creating a slogan

This process can be extensive and tedious, which is why it is important and helpful to have a team at TWS to get the hard work of building a brand done properly. After the design team at TWS works to revamp or develop your brand, your company will see the immediate effects. Do you want your consumers to recognize your brand over others? If you want your business to grow, your answer to this question should be yes! In having the TWS team of designers joining your company in developing your brand; consumers will always turn to you first for all of their product or service needs. Call TWS today to figure out how to get your brand greater visibility