Facebook Marketing & Advertising

TWS has extensive experience in producing successful Facebook advertising campaigns, which are highly customizable to your needs.

About Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are becoming increasingly important for businesses today. The amount of people using Facebook this year is over one billion across the world. Over 30 million businesses now have a Facebook fan page, and over 19 million of those are optimized for mobile usage. Also, with so many people using Facebook and many competitors on social media, simply establishing a page isn’t enough – you’ve got to grab the attention of Facebook’s one billion monthly active users with laser-precise advertisements. Advertisements that can drive your visibility and meaningful engagement through the roof.

Why Facebook

Facebook ads have the potential to reach an enormous market – with customers from around the world. With over one billion people using Facebook, your company can not go wrong by joining the race to reach these customers – specifically through Facebook ads. An important aspect of utilizing Facebook ads is the chance your company will get to reach targeted customers.

Facebook highlights ads for consumers that have to do with their previous search history. This is a great thing for your business because your company will be introduced to customers who already have an interest in your type of products – resulting in a higher chance of conversion. For those of you with new or small businesses, Facebook ads are more than helpful in getting your business maximum exposure. In working with TWS, you can leave your Facebook ads in our hands. We will work with you to make sure your Facebook marketing strategy reaches your future and present consumers.

TWS and Facebook Advertising

Our Facebook advertising team will examine your Facebook presence – including all content available, active users, and competitors within your industry. This is done in order to hone in on your audience and maximize the effectiveness of your ads.

Based on our analysis, we will decide where your advertisements will make the most impact. To drive sales or conversions, right-hand column ads can be used on Facebook’s desktop version. In addition, to increase engagement with your brand or spread awareness, premium News Feed ads can be featured on desktop and mobile – according to your exact specifications. Also, another crucial component of Facebook ads is what your business says; hence copy is paramount. Our TWS experts will predict the efficiency of each ad campaign. In addition, then provide you with suggestions. As a result, creating creative and savvy ways to get your message across in any language or market.