Twitter Advertising

Is your company aware of the ways Twitter can heighten your consumer following? If not get in touch with our social media specialists to find out what you are currently missing out on.

About Twitter

Twitter ads can contain videos, pictures, words; all of these combined creating a heightened visual experience for consumers. Twitter is a website for microblogging – which allows updates using a small number of characters. Hashtags and retweets are an important function on Twitter, which is also very beneficial to businesses. Hashtags can be beneficial to businesses because they can be used to promote certain products – allowing customers to take notice when they see hashtags about the product.

Retweets can also be vital to consumer network increases; this is because they allow people to continue to share information they find interesting. For businesses, this means Twitter ads can be shared continuously through friends – allowing for growth in consumer awareness. 100 million users log onto Twitter daily; so utilizing Twitter ads will not only increase the number of viewers of your products and services, but it will also build your consumer base.

TWS and Twitter

TWS approaches Twitter ads in a very strategic way. The social media experts start by briefing the clients, getting information on current twitter strategies, information on current clients, and more. Next, the social media experts will ask about the objective of your twitter socTwitteria campaign. With all of this information, TWS can begin to develop a plan that will deliver the best results for your company. TWS will also do the analysis to determine your most receptive audience – based on the type of business you’re in as well as the type of product your marketing in the campaign. The social media experts at TWS will create visually-appealing ads that send the right messages to consumers. With the right message and the perfect visual ads, your company will be on its way to an increase in customer traffic; also an increase in revenue.

Benefits of Twitter

Twitter ads have a number of benefits – including the increase in the appearance of your websites. When your Twitter ads are created, more people will get to see your company name as they scroll down their timeline. The links from your Twitter ads can also help your ranking on search engines – the more links the better. You can also use customer response from your ads to generate a positive buzz. When a consumer comments on your product or service, your company will have the opportunity to respond or retweet – fostering a relationship between company and consumer. Twitter ads can be delicate; so it’s important to work with a team of social media experts at TWS to help your company execute Twitter ads flawlessly.