PPC YouTube Advertising

Let us help you show off your creative side with YouTube Ads. Choose from two YouTube ad choices, including banner ads or in-stream ads — video ads that show before the video you are watching on YouTube.
Today YouTube is the second most popular and used search engine; generating more searches than Bing and Yahoo.


Why YouTube

YouTube brings in 800 million monthly views and 45.4% of people watch at least one video over a course of a month. This leaves a large amount of room for consumers to be in contact with banner ads and in-stream ads. Viewers are continuously becoming interested in the idea of receiving their information through catchy and creative videos.

TWS YouTube Ad Services

The social media team at TWS will work with your business to develop the pay per click YouTube ads – that are both captivating and bring in greater conversions. Using either YouTube display ads or creating in-stream ads that are relevant to your products or services; our goal is to increase consumer traffic to your website.

The way that PPC works is that as people click on these ads – whether you select display ads at the bottom of the page or in-stream ads – and are directed to a page on your website, you will then pay for each click. Get the most out of your pay per clicks with TWS.

Our design team will create eye-catching YouTube ads specific to your target market. Our SEM team will also continuously monitor your ads to see that your business is achieving the results you desire.
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